Stationery Sets


By choosing a SET, you will be paying more than 20% less.        Sets make the most wonderful gifts for any occasion (engagement, wedding, new baby, christening, yomtov, bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary,  christmas) or just as a gift for yourself or your family. Keeps on giving. Choose which you want below.

STARTER SET –  10 Round Toppers, 10 Square Toppers, 10 Eyelet Tags, 5m Twine, in a tagged & ribbon-tied box.

CLASSIC SET – 15 Round Toppers, 15 Square Toppers, 10 WriteOn Toppers, 10 Eyelet Tags, 5m Twine, in a tagged & ribbon-tied box.

SPECIAL SET – 10 Round Toppers, 10 Square Chevron Toppers, 10 WriteOn Toppers, 10 Eyelet Tags, 10 Ringbinder Tags, 10 Cardlets, 15m Twine, in a tagged & ribbon-tied box.


Customise The Text For This Set *

Enter the text to print on these Toppers and Tags. Give two or three versions if you like – just a few words, e.g. “With lots of love from the Smiths” and “Best wishes from Eleanor, Steve, Riley and Jane”.
Please double-check the spelling, especially if these are a gift for someone else.

Special Instructions

Anything we should know? Use this space to say what you want.
For example, “This is for a young family, so make it funky”.

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